In celebration of a new era for BD Barcelona, we have selected a group of works representing the best of the brand, both past and present. The campaign was developed in collaboration with the renowned French American photographer David Luraschi, known for his colourful and dynamic fashion campaigns with the likes of Jacquemus.

BD Barcelona Design is internationally renowned as one of Spain’s most prestigious furniture companies.

In the late 60’s, a group of young architects decided to produce the designs they needed for their projects that were unavailable in the Spain of that time. Very soon other architects and friends contacted them to purchase these products and in 1972 the groupdecided to create a company to produce them.

From the beginning, BD has striven to combine themost idiosyncratic and contemporary pieces with classic design. This respect for the masters is evident in the first pieces of furniture they created from established figures like Gregotti as well as the re-edition of pieces by Terragni, Rietveld and Mackintosh. Few companies in the world can claim to have so many products still on sale after 50 years, and which are still so beloved. Among the most cherished are 3,4,5 mailboxes, Shiva, Flamingo lamp, Hypóstila shelving and the Catalano bench, to name just a few. Read More

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